Sis. Carmen F. Kearney

Grand Worthy Matron


Bro. Paul Kearney, Jr.

Grand Worthy Patron


Sis. Chelly Jones

Grand Associate Matron


Bro. Carl Jones

Grand Associate Patron


Sis. Robbie Skinner

Grand Conductress


Sis. Juanita Brinkley-Hall

Grand Associate Conductress


Sis. Adele Osborne

Grand Treasurer


Sis. Jeanette Randall

Grand Secretary


Sis. LaTia Jones

Grand Financial Secretary


Sis. Michele James

Grand Assistant Secretary


Sis. Barbara Peace

Grand Chairman of Trustees


Sis. Rebecca Setters

Grand Trustee in the South


Sis. Velma Honaker

Grand Trustee in the North


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Baltimore, MD 21217
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Myra Contacts

icon_profile icon Sis. Carmen F. Kearney
     Grand Worthy Matron

icon_profile icon Bro. Paul Kearney, Jr.
     Grand Worthy Patron

icon_profile icon Sis. Jeanette Randall
     Grand Secretary