In pursuance of a call by Electa Chapter No. 2 (renamed to Electa Chapter No. 1), Baltimore City, instituted May 1876; Queen Esther Chapter No. 5 (renamed to Queen Esther Chapter No. 2) Frederick, Maryland, instituted May 24, 1882; Queen of Sheba Chapter No. 6 (renamed to Queen of Sheba No. 3) Baltimore City instituted August 10, 1874; and Bathsheba Chapter No. 7 (renamed to Bathsheba No. 4) Nanticoke, Maryland, instituted November 26, 1895 assembled in the new Samaritan Temple at Calvert and Saratoga Streets, Baltimore City, Maryland on Thursday, November 26, 1896 and after mature deliberation did organize and form a Grand Chapter Adoptive Rite, Order of the Eastern Star for the State of Maryland and Its Jurisdiction in the name of Myra Grand Chapter.

The first Grand Officers were:

Royal Grand Matron
Harriett A. Blake

Royal Associate Grand Matron
Elizabeth Scroggins
Grand Secretary
J. Murray Ralph
Royal Grand Patron
Blake Downs

Royal Grand Associate Patron
Samuel Young

Over the years the title has changed from Royal Grand Matron and Royal Grand Patron to Grand Worthy Matron and Grand Worthy Patron, who serve as the executive leaders of the organization.


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icon_profile icon Sis. Chelly A. Jones
     Grand Worthy Matron

icon_profile icon RW Bro. Carl C. Jones
     Grand Worthy Patron

icon_profile icon Sis. Nicole Duppins
     Grand Secretary

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